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Reach for change @ Lithuania presents

"Innovate a better world for children"

DATE: 7th of December, 2016

WHEN: 9:00 - 16:30

VENUE: Vilnius Tech Park, Antakalnio st. 17


Every child is a unique individual with his own rights, here and now. The main challenge is to keep up these rights equal in every corner of the world. We believe that children are everyone’s present.


Reach for Change for the past years have been passionately working and creating an impact of different areas, including health, development, education and social inclusion. For the very first Reach for Change @ Lithuania event dedicated to child’s rights we want to provoke thoughts related to social entrepreneurial innovations, practical solutions in order to improve this area on a big scale.


We encourage to find new and radical solutions combining the passion of the social sector with the smartness of the business sector. By inviting Change Leaders–social entrepreneurs, developers, connectors, technology whiz, policy makers, we aim to reach for change by empowering new social entrepreneurial innovations in three sessions.


Each session is presented by local, global experts talks and wrapped up by joint panel discussion with a more in-depth approach, focusing on presented areas.


1 session. FIND social innovation solutions for the problems so
- children will develop and live healthy lives.
- children will be provided high education.


2 session. DO IT right so
- children will be protected from physical and mental abuse and threats.
- children from marginalized groups will participate in society on equal terms.


3 session. INNOVATE living environment so
- children will be enable to express their opinion, access information and participate in decision – making.
- children will be equipped for adult life and the labour market.

Find. Do it. Innovate.

Reach for change by empowering new social entrepreneurial innovations.



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  • Irma Liubertiene

    Irma Liubertiene

  • Nerijus Buivydas

    Nerijus Buivydas

  • Anna Kashina

    Anna Kashina

  • Stoyana Stoeva

    Stoyana Stoeva

  • Anton Håkanson

    Anton Håkanson

  • Aušra Kurienė

    Aušra Kurienė

  • Donatas Nagumanovas

    Donatas Nagumanovas

  • Artiomas Šabajevas

    Artiomas Šabajevas

  • Marija Dautartaitė

    Marija Dautartaitė


  • Alex Gibb

    Alex Gibb

  • Violeta Masteikienė

    Violeta Masteikienė

  • Liudovika Pakalkaite

    Liudovika Pakalkaite

  • Vaida Jasiulevičienė

    Vaida Jasiulevičienė

  • Miglė Šaulytė

    Miglė Šaulytė

  • Egidijus Meilus

    Egidijus Meilus

  • Rūta Pentiokinaitė

    Rūta Pentiokinaitė


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Any questions? Drop us a line

Jurgita Ribinskaite-Glatzer

Jurgita Ribinskaite-Glatzer Country Manager Baltics

Phone: +370 600 87199

Ieva Paulauskienė


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